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New Partnership for Rock

We are delighted to announce a new partnership from 2014 with OneCom, a leading and innovative telecommunications company.  We are looking forward to building the relationship with Darren Ridge and his team and would like to invite you all to check out their website http://www.onecom.co.uk/ to learn more about their products and services.

Robert Rock Academy News in short

Robert has started working with Oliver Wilson. Oliver  won the Dunhill links championship shortly after.

Amy Boulden and Kelsey Macdonald will both be competing in the Dubai Ladies Masters .Good luck girls!

Big Thanks to Liam and Stephen for developing and improving the structure of the weekend junior program.


Amy wins Rookie of the Year

Amy Boulden completed an amazing first season on the Ladies European Tour by  finishing in the top 25 at the Dubai Ladies Masters and securing the Rookie of the year award. Congratulations Amy!


Robert Rock Academy news

Christmas packages are available from the team at the Academy.

Contact Liam , Tom and Danny on 01543 411130 or email robertrockacademy@yahoo.co.uk


Multi tournament winning Robert Rock is one of the most charismatic and stylish players on the European Tour, a favourite with players, organisers and key media.

A perfectionist by trade, he boasts one of the best golf swings in the sport, often referred to as a ‘classic’ by leading coaches.  Popular with the fans, Robert is one of the friendliest and most approachable players, well respected across the board.

Taylor Made

Driver – R11 9deg. Prototype 70x shaft

3 wood 16 deg jet speed

Tour Preffered MC  x100 dynamic gold shaft

52 , 56 and 58 degree wedges

TaylorMade standard length

Iron Loft Lie swing weight
2. 17 60 D2
3. 19 60 D2
4. 23 60.5 D2
5. 26 61 D2
6. 30 61 D2
7. 33 62 D2
8. 37 62 D2
9. 42 63 D2
P. 46 64 D2


Ball: Titleist Pro V1

Club: Robert Rock Academy Lichfield/Kings Hill

Caddy: Richard Hill

SBM sports & RSI sports

Robert Rock Academy

The Robert Rock Academy was created to foster and develop talent in golf, from beginners and juniors through to professional level.

With a desire to get more people involved in the sport, irrespective of level, the academy provides a tangible pathway to developing golfing skills.

Robert has partnered with Tom Whitehouse to bring the academy to fruition.  Tom played on the European tour for many years and is experienced in talent development, specifically how to progress from a good amateur to a top level pro.

Together, Robert and Tom have created an outstanding team, to support every aspect of the Robert Rock Academy.

Robert himself had a unique and interesting rise to fame, starting as a shop assistant and then working through the PGA, creating his own opportunities, plans and goals.  He shares his experiences and learnings through the academy, inspiring others to achieve their aspirations.

The Robert Rock Academy delivers expert advice and coaching on every aspect of the professional game, from the practical (long game, short game and putting) to the emotional/tactical (strategy and planning).  In addition, the academy also covers physical readiness, including strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, injury prevention and management.

And finally, players are given that extra edge courtesy of industry leading technology utilising High Speed Cameras, Trackman and Aim Point.

Robert Rock Golf Academy, Darnford lane, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS14 9JG

01543 411130 robertrockacademy@yahoo.co.uk

Pros: Tom Whitehouse, Danny Taylor, Matt Morris, Liam James

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